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"The Reckoning: Oil and Gas Development in the Louisiana Coastal Zone," by Oliver Houck
© 2015 Oliver A. Houck. Professor of Law, Tulane University. The independent
research of Callie Casstevens, LL.M. 2012, Tulane University Law School; Brendan Hughes, J.D.
candidate 2017, Tulane University Law School; Tom Sharp, J.D. 2011, Tulane University Law
School; Sean Skinner, J.D. candidate 2015, Tulane University Law School; and Endre Szalay, J.D.
2011, Tulane University Law School; and manuscript assistance of Terence Alost, J.D. candidate
2016, Tulane University Law School; Stephanie Bruguera, J.D. candidate 2017, Tulane University
Law School; Will Lindsey, J.D. candidate 2015, Tulane University Law School; Deirdre
MacFeeters, J.D. candidate 2016, Tulane University Law School; Mary Rudolf, J.D. candidate
2016, Tulane University Law School; and Bethanne M. Sonne, J.D. candidate 2015, Tulane
University Law School is acknowledged with gratitude, as is information provided by scientists,
attorneys, academics, agency personnel, and citizen organizations referenced in this Article.
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A Bibliography of Executive Branch War Powers Opinions Since 1950
2013 Stephen M. Griffin. Rutledge C. Clement, Jr. Professor in Constitutional
Law, Tulane University Law School. E-mail:
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A Case Study from a Judicial Perspective: How Fairness and Integrity in Asbestos Tort Litigation Can Be Undermined by Lack of Access to Bankruptcy Trust Claims
© 2014 Peggy L. Ableman. Peggy Ableman is a former Delaware Superior Court
Judge who is now Special Counsel in the law firm of McCarter & English, LLP, in its
Wilmington, Delaware, office. She has nearly thirty years’ experience as a state trial judge
and has provided testimony before the United States House of Representatives, the Wisconsin
State Judiciary Committee, the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee, and the American
Bar Association Task Force on Asbestos Litigation on this topic. The author wishes to thank
Theodore W. Annos, Esquire, of McCarter & English, LLP, for his invaluable insight and
assistance in the preparation of this Article
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A Case, a Statute, and Some Thoughts on the Proper Role of Policy
2013 David Johnston. M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., Cambridge; Q.C.; Honorary
Professor, Edinburgh Law School.
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A Comparison of WTO and CIT/CAFC Jurisprudence in Review of U.S. Commerce Department Decisions in Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Proceedings
© 2013 John D. Greenwald. Partner, Cassidy Levy Kent (USA) LLP, Washington,
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A Compelling Case for Streamlining Venue of Actions To Enjoin Arbitration
© 2014 Jason W. Burge and Lara K. Richards.
* Partner, Fishman Haygood Phelps Walmsley Willis & Swanson, L.L.P. The
authors would like to thank Molly Wells, Lowell Dyer, Andrew Gerow, Victoria Bagot, and
Kaja Stamnes for their research assistance, as well as their helpful comments and edits on
earlier drafts of this Article. Special thanks to the members of the Tulane Law Review for
both the opportunity to contribute this Article and for the editors’ skillful edits.
† Associate, Fishman Haygood Phelps Walmsley Willis & Swanson, L.L.P. J.D.
2011, Tulane University School of Law
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A Constructive Critique of Public Health Arguments for Antiobesity Soda Taxes and Food Taxes
Article. Katherine Pratt. Professor of Law, Loyola Law School Los Angeles. LL.M., Corporate Law, New York University School of Law; LL.M., Taxation, New York University School of Law; J.D., University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law; B.A., University of Florida. E-mail: Faculty Web page: Thanks to Ellen Aprill, Steve Bank, Pat Cain, Victor Fleischer, Mark Gergen, Sam Greenberg, Al Harberger, Sarah Lawsky, Rob Kar, Colin Kawaguchi, Susie Morse, Kirk Stark, and Eric Zolt for helpful questions and comments on an earlier draft. Thanks also to participants at the UCLA Tax Policy and Public Finance Workshop, the Law and Society 2010 Annual Meeting, the Northern California Tax Roundtable, and a presentation at the UCLA Medical School Center for Human Nutrition for helpful questions and comments. In addition, thanks to Sam Greenberg, Colin Kawaguchi, and Jacqueline Maar for research assistance.
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A Court for Icarus: Defining Maritime Tort Jurisdiction in Aircraft Crash Cases
David A. Freedman. J.D. candidate 2015, Tulane University Law School;
B.A. 2010, Washington University in St. Louis. The author would like to thank his parents, Ken
and Victoria, his brothers, Joseph, Stanley, and Eli, and the love of his life, Brittany Wolf, for their
endless patience and support.
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A Decade Later, $1 Billion Saved: The Second Circuit Relieves a Maritime Classification Society of Unprecedented Liability for Environmental and Economic Damages in Reino de España v. American Bureau of Shipping, Inc.
© 2013 Imran Naeemullah. J.D. candidate 2014, Tulane University Law School; B.A. 2005, Washington and Lee University.
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A Friendship in the Law: David Daube and T.B. Smith
© 2013 Hector L. MacQueen. Professor of Private Law, University of
Edinburgh; Commissioner, Scottish Law Commission. I am grateful to Lady Ann Smith and
the Daube family for permission to reproduce the unpublished writings of T.B. Smith and
David Daube contained in the appendices to this Article, and to Sir Alan Peacock for much
appreciated assistance in other respects. Reinhard Zimmermann kindly identified and made
available to me relevant material published in Germany. I received outstanding help and
support from the staff of Aberdeen University Library Special Collections in working on the
Daube archive in their care. (It was a pleasant coincidence that on one of the days I worked
in the archive in July 2012, Jonathan Daube followed his father twenty-two years before in
receiving an honorary degree from the University of Aberdeen.) Other assistance is
recognised at the appropriate places in the footnotes.
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